109207 Transformer With Wiring Harness

109207 Transformer With Wiring Harness The Model 109207 Wiring Harness is designed for remote placement of a 3-terminal garage door operator receiver. The harness adapts Multi-Code 109020 and 309013 3-terminal receivers with push-on terminals to 2-terminal operators. The harness is prewired with three push-on terminals, a 24 VAC power transformer with 25-foot leads, and a 2-wire/2-terminal lead to connect to the operator's pushbutton terminals.

  • Category: Accessories
  • SKU: SRO-MCS109207




109207 Transformer With Wiring Harness

Connects 3-terminal receiver to 2-terminal operator

  • 24 VAC @ 75 mA transformer included
  • 25 feet of transformer wire
  • Push-on lugs for 109020 and 309013 receivers
  • 2-conductor with spade lugs for operator pushbutton terminal connection